visit daycare

visit day care

At purple pink our staff provides a structured yet flexible program. It is our aim to create a comfortable atmosphere with enough structure to provide a feeling of security for each child. It is hoped that the environment will encourage the child to experience all we have to offer including Art, Science, Literature, Music, Fine / Gross Motor Social Development and much more. As the child plays and experiments our aim is to instill a sense of curiosity and on urge to learn, this will take the child to the highest point of his / her capacity in the developing areas. We feel the child should look forward to their time at the centre and we encourage and guide the child to help learn and share their experiences with other children. Our aim is to provide a warm, friendly and lovely environment for each child in his / her own unique personality. And extra highly qualified staff is presentable with unique rooms:

  • Playing Garden
  • Sleeping room for babies / Kids
  • Playroom with educating in Montessori way
  • Staff room